Zaid Ibrahim should stop debating God

 |Feb 21, 2017
Zaid Ibrahim could be an obvious choice for premiership if the DAP-controlled Pakatan Harapan wins GE14.
Zaid Ibrahim could be an obvious choice for premiership if the DAP-controlled Pakatan Harapan wins GE14.

Having just recently joined the Chinese-based DAP, Zaid Ibrahim is trying to score points with his largely anti-sharia comrades.

Zaid is actually a good friend but when you speak without fear or favour then even good friends should not be spared.

In fact, friends should be reminded even more about the fallacies they hold dear to their hearts if they really are good friends.

Zaid is an intelligent and educated person, which means he should be a cut above his DAP comrades, who were suffering from a serious case of mental block.

A DAP person’s mind is made of stone and once it is made up nothing can enter or penetrate it.

It is like the Church in Rome in the days of Galileo, which once it decided the earth was flat, nothing can convince it that the earth was round.

Zaid’s comments were clearly targeted at a largely non-Muslim and predominantly DAP audience.

Such comments would attract a standing ovation from non-Muslim and non-Malay Malaysians.

An obvious choice for PM

If Pakatan Harapan wins the next general election (GE14) and DAP gets the lion’s share of the opposition seats, 70% or more of the DAP people polled would vote for Zaid as the party’s candidate for the post of prime minister (PM).

Of course, Zaid would first have to contest a safe seat under the DAP banner, and win, to be eligible to become the PM.

Where that is going to place Anwar Ibrahim, PKR’s choice for PM, and Mukhriz Mahathir, Pribumi’s choice, would be another matter altogether.

But if Anwar is refused a pardon and remains in jail, while if Mukhriz loses the election, then the matter need not offer any complications.

In his statement, Zaid was speaking as a politician trying to court non-Muslim and non-Malay support.

He was not speaking as a Muslim or as someone who knows his scriptures.

If not, Zaid would have never in a million years said what he said.

Islam is one of the religions of the Book, what we call the Abrahamic faiths.

In the Qur’an it is stated that the true submitters were those who follow the way of Abraham.

Submitters here, of course, referred to those who submitted to the will of God.

The God of Abraham is a jealous and vengeful God.

Humankind is a creation of God.

In fact, the entire universe and everything within it are creations of God.

God owns us and everything around us.

God decides what we do.

Only the right of God and fairness to God matters.

Our rights and what is fair to us does not mean one iota to God.

Zaid Ibrahim argument cannot be sustainable in court of God.
Zaid Ibrahim argument cannot be sustainable in court of God.

God’s will prevails

Zaid talks about fairness – fairness to whom?

The only thing that matters to the God of Abraham was fairness to God.

We are nothing. We own nothing. We are mere creations.

It is what the Creator wants and not what we want that matters.

We should not confuse our wants and needs with that of God’s.

If God says it must be like that then it must be like that.

There are no negotiations and horse-trading with God.

God’s will prevail and ours is of no significance.

If God is concerned about justice and fairness would babies die in bomb attacks?

Would God allow dictators to rule over us, who would then use the country’s resources to fight wars instead of for the welfare of the country’s citizens?

They say nothing happens without the will of God.

So that can only mean the suffering in this world is because God wills it.

Would you be gay if God did not make you gay?

Yet God asks that we put gays to death.

Is this God’s idea of a joke?

Zaid’s error

Zaid speaks from the perspective of humankind.

That is the error of his ways.

God speaks only from the perspective of God.

When God says it must be that way then it must be that way.

Fairness and rights have to be seen only from the perspective of God and not from the perspective of humankind.

The problem with Zaid is he was looking at things from one angle while God was looking at things from another angle.

That is the reason why Zaid and God will never come to any agreement on what must be done.

So, in such a situation, it may be better to not debate God because God has been proven to be sore loser, if what the Holy Books of the Abrahamic faiths say is true. – Malaysia Today

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