Wikileaks on George Soros Part 3 – The NDI, NED and CIA connection

 |Nov 27, 2016

George Soros Ambiga Maria Chin

After World War II, faced with threats to the USA allies and without any mechanism to channel political assistance, US policy makers resorted to covert means, secretly sending advisers, equipment, and funds to support newspapers and parties under siege in Europe.

When it was revealed in the late 1960’s that some American Private Voluntary Organisations (PVOs) were receiving covert funding from the CIA to wage the battle of ideas at international forums, the Johnson Administration concluded that such funding should cease, recommending establishment of “a public-private mechanism” to fund overseas activities openly.

On Capitol Hill, Congressman Dante Fascell (D, FL) introduced a bill in April, 1967 to create an Institute of International Affairs, an initiative that would authorise overt funding for programs to promote “democratic values” – thus The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) was founded.

That is why the NED is known as the overt (or open) arm of the CIA.

The NED is structured to act as a grant-making foundation, distributing funds to private non-governmental organizations for the purpose of promoting democracy abroad.

The Endowment serves as the umbrella organisation in which half of NED’s funding is allocated annually to four main US organisations: the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS), the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), and the International Republican Institute (IRI).

Both Ambiga and Maria Chin had admitted that other than receiving funds from George Soros’ OSI, Bersih had also received funding from the NDI.

In an interview in Aug 2011, Ambiga told the 29% Soros-owned MalaysiaKini this:

“Mengenai dakwaan dana asing, Ambiga berkata kedua-dua organisasi asing itu – National Democratic Institute (NDI) dan Open Society Institute (OSI) – memberikan bantuan kewangan kepada BERSIH 2.0 tetapi khusus untuk projek masa depan yang berkaitan dengan persempadanan semula dan bukannya untuk perhimpunan tersebut.”

Maria Chin has also admitted the same line several times.

Maria Chin - NST

Since NDI is wholly funded by the NED, receiving funds from the NDI is the same as receiving funds directly from the NED, the overt arm of the CIA.

This is also why NED, NDI and George Soros are also banned in Russia.

This also conclusively proves that Bersih has links with the CIA, as claimed by Annuar Musa.

In the meantime, I urge our local authorities to study the documents in the DC Leaks and Wikileaks carefully.

Or perhaps they already did, which is why they put Maria Chin under Sosma (to be continued – final Part 4).

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