Why so difficult for Kit Siang to answer questions on his place of birth, asks Umno man

 |Aug 4, 2017
MO file pic credit Azrol Ali.

GEORGE TOWN: It is not a big deal even if it was true Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang was not born in Malaysia or is a citizen through the naturalisation process, said a Penang Umno man.

Kepala Batas Umno Strategic Planning Committee chairman Azizi Safar also said he did not understand why Lim had acted the way he did when asked the question on his place of birth by reporters.

“Why was it so difficult for Lim Kit Siang to say where he was born when asked by reporters?

“Even if he really was born in China, just say it. What is the problem as even if he gained his citizenship through the naturalisation process, it is not an issue these days,” said Azizi.

He said Lim made it seem like answering a question on his place of birth is something very difficult.

“He seemed to be evading questions from reporters as though hiding something,” Azizi added.

Based on Lim’s voter registry details shared by Azizi, the DAP adviser’s IC number indicated that he was born in Batu Pahat, Johor.

The issue of Lim’s birthplace was initially raised by Pertubuhan Minda Sosial Prihatin (PMSP) president Ramesh Rao prompting reporters to ask the former’s response at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

However, not only did he not answer reporters’ questions on the issue, reporters were also given a lecture on journalism ethics by Lim as he said he was also once a journalist.

He had also reportedly told the reporter to “do your homework ” first before posing such questions. – MO