Why not try Gerakan, Indians told

 |Sep 24, 2016
Raja Sara Petra.
Raja Sara Petra.

Young political commentator Raja Sara Petra today called on Indians to support Gerakan if they don’t trust MIC or the opposition.

She said that Gerakan was more multiracial than the DAP, adding that some Indians complained that MIC had not done enough for the Indians.

Refraining from a debate on such perception, she questioned Indians on whether they thought they would fare better by voting the opposition

“If your concern is the future of the Indians, and if you really believe that MIC cannot guarantee the future of the Indians, you can always turn to other parties, for example Gerakan,” she said in a text message.

“You gave the opposition eight years since 2008. Have the Indians fared better under the opposition? If the answer is no, and if you are still uncertain about MIC, then speak to Gerakan.

“And the reason I mention Gerakan is because it is a true multiracial party, and it is in the ruling government, and in which Indians have a strong presence. Compared to DAP, Gerakan is more multiracial.”

She said a Malaysian by the name of Suresh Mohan had posted a comment, saying that no one talks about the Indians anymore.

Sara, who acknowledged that Suresh could be right, said Indians were still an important community and crucial vote bank as they were the third largest ethnic group in Malaysia.

The Indians may not be a majority in a number of constituencies like the Malays and Chinese, but she said in a fair number of seats, they represented as high as 30% of the voters.

“That means the Indian voters are kingmakers in Malaysian politics,” said Raja Sara.

In the past, the majority of Indians, in some places as high as 70-90%, have voted government.

But this trend changed in 2008 general election.

“Why the swing?

“Is it because the government stopped helping the Indians?

“No, it is because in 2007 Hindraf made certain promises to the Indians and Hindraf supported the opposition. So the Indians also voted opposition,” claimed Raja Sara.

“You say no one talks about the Indians. Well, today I talk about the Indians. But then I can only bring the horse to water. I cannot force it to drink. That ultimately is your choice to make.”

Athi Shankar has been a journalist for past 30 years. He believes that democratic rights come with responsibility.