We don’t need ‘Superman’ Hew in Sabah – LDP

 |Sep 9, 2016
'Superman' Hew Kuan Yau is notoriously known for inciting hate politics, says LDP.
‘Superman’ Hew Kuan Yau is notoriously known for inciting hate politics, says LDP.

Sabah’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) wants the state government to bar the entry of controversial former DAP leader Hew Kuan Yau.

In making this call, LDP Youth chief Tsang Hieng Yee said Hew, is known among DAP supporters as the ‘Superman’, was notoriously known for inciting hate politics.

He said Hew was also known to criticise anything “non-Chinese.”

Hew is being scheduled to give a talk organised on Malaysia Day Sept 16 in an event organised under DAP banner.

Tsang urged people in Sandakan to shun the talk, pointing out that “Hew is notorious in using vulgar words in his speeches and prone to incite hatred politics through his speeches.”

“Hew’s way of arbitrarily insulting and hating the government by using vulgar words will likely corrupt our local culture and is definitely not healthy for Sandakan folks, especially for the younger generations.”

Tsang said Hew’s methodology would not suit a multi-cultural country like Malaysia and definitely a diverse and colourful state such as Sabah.

“The state government should bar him from entering the state.

“We had not welcomed Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali into Sabah, we would also not welcome a controversial person such as Hew into Sabah as Sabah does not need the type of vulgarity, culture, extremism, and hatred propagated,” rebuked the LDP Youth leader.

Tsang also questioned the continued relations between DAP and Hew who had quit the party after controversial posting in Facebook urging everybody not to dispute the claim of South China Sea made by China because it belonged to China.

He asked on whether it was yet another selective “tie-cutting” between DAP and Hew, just like the one we have witnessed between DAP and PAS.

“It is not readily understandable as to why now, Hew is going to Sandakan on Malaysia Day in order to give a talk under the DAP banner.

Hew is known as ‘Superman’ for his penchant to wear clothes with the  logo of the comic superhero.