Vote either PAS or Umno, says Hadi

Apr 16, 2017

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has said that voters should either elect PAS or Umno to govern the country as Malay political power lied only with both parties. .

“The political power of the Malays is with PAS and Umno. If any party wants to govern Malaysia, choose PAS or Umno. We are open to any party who wants to be with PAS, the condition is accept Islam,” he told Mingguan Malaysia in an interview.

He was responding to a question on his views about Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) and what effect it would have on the political power of Malays considering there was another party to split the Malay votes.

When asked about the relationship between PAS and Umno considering the federal government had purportedly given way for his private member’s Bill and about the perception that both parties had a secret pact, he said the cooperation between PAS and Umno was based on ta’awun, cooperation in matters that were good and non-cooperation in evil matters.

“PAS is with Umno in the RUU355 issue, Rohingya but PAS opposed Umno in TPPA, GST and Act 164. This is the maturity of PAS in politics. We are not at war 24 hours, there are times we cooperate for the good of Islam and the people.”

He added that they wanted to offer a more harmonious form of politics to the community adding that they wanted to bring the people out of problems and not create new ones for them.