Vell Paari wants IGP Khalid to probe foreign anti-Najib movement

 |Oct 28, 2016
MIC treasurer general S Vell Paari wants IGP Khalid to investigate the  George Soros and John Pang links to topple PM Najib.
MIC treasurer general S Vell Paari wants IGP Khalid to investigate the George Soros and John Pang links to topple PM Najib.

MIC treasurer general S Vell Paari has called Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar to probe an attempt to topple Prime Minister Najib Razak’s leadership by foreigners John Pang and George Soros.

According to Vell Paari, Malaysiakini published an explosive article alleging an attempt by Pang via lobby groups in United States to disassociate the US administration from Najib.

This was revealed in email exchanges between Soros Fund Management (SFM) spokesperson Michael Vachon and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chairperson John Podesta.

Pang is obviously the proxy of Soros in South East Asia and his attempt to destabilize the country must be investigated without any fear or favour.

He is also a senior fellow at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies, where he works on regional strategic and security issues.

“If police is unable to investigate Pang, the IGP should request the assistance from Interpol in apprehending him.

“He is now being exposed as a mastermind who is determined to sabotage the good relationship between the US administration and Malaysian government.

“If Pang’s attempt to overthrow the government is successful, it would have serious negative implication to this country politically and economically.

“Soros would then be able to install a puppet Prime Minister in Malaysia and he would control this country by proxy thus losing our independence and sovereignty,” said Vell Paari via statement.

Vell Paari added that from an economic point of view, Soros and his proxies would then most likely favour companies that are aligned to them and would put Malaysia at the mercy of multinational corporations controlled by him.

It must be noted that Soros is the biggest US presidential election campaign donor for Hillary Clinton.

Soros owns Open Society Foundation and also was alleged to perform currency short selling in 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and infamously made GBP 1 billion profit from the 1992 UK currency market known as ‘Black Wednesday’.

Vell Paari opinioned that Pang’s attempt to destroy Malaysia can be seen as ‘The New Age Terrorism’.

“A conventional terrorist uses a bomb but Pang is a new age terrorist who used international media like Wall Street Journal and billionaires such as Soros in attempting to cripple Malaysia.

“I hope Singapore government will not allow Pang to operate his new age terrorism ideology.” added Vell Paari.

Apart from that Vell Paari also questioned who are the politicians in this country that is supporting the efforts taken by Pang to destabilize Malaysia?

Without a doubt it would be the opposition politicians and also ex-Barisan Nasional leaders as they are the ones who would benefit if the Prime Minister is brought down, claimed Vell Paari.

“My warning to these traitors is they better not sell this country to Soros and commit treason.

“He had attempted to destroy this country once and i am sure he has no qualms in trying it again as long as he profits from it.

“Do we want to become a puppet country under the influence of Soros just so that the opposition can be in power?

“I won’t be surprised if Soros succeeds in installing a puppet PM, he might even get this puppet PM to open relationship with Israel.” stressed Vell Paari.





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