Umno still strong in Sabah says ex-assemblyman

 |Dec 1, 2016
Umno in Sabah still strong and relevant.
Umno in Sabah still strong and relevant.

Umno’s leading role in Sabah is still strong and relevant in the state politics said former Bugaya state assemblyman Basalie Abd Hamid.

Speaking to Malaysia Outlook, Basalie said despite the ‘big guns’ leaving Semporna Umno division the Malay party will only see little challenges from them.

The big guns are referred as former Semporna division chief Mohd Shafie Apdal, Sulabayan MP Jaujan Sambakong, Youth chief Mohd Aziz Jamman, and Wanita chief Manis Muka Dara.

Shafie exited Umno after he was suspended from the party later went to form Warisan Sabah based party.

According to Basalie, since Umno’s entry in Sabah politics the people has benefited from the Federal government funding.

He added Umno and other Barisan Nasional component parties have become catalyst of development within the state.

“The federal government funding cannot be denied in Sabah politics.

“It has given some benefits towards the development of Sabah,” said Basalie who is also the Umno Semporna division legal advisor.

However, Basalie hoped more can be done for the Sabah people.

In citing example, Basalie said more rights for petroleum and gas should be given to the state as well as better infrastructure and schools needed in the state.

He believes in time to come Umno under the stewardship of Najib Razak will look into bringing more changes for the state.

Asked on the Najib’s policy speech, Basalie suggested that its high time Sabah Umno gears up for the upcoming election.

He also suggested that the opposition spins and lies should be attacked and neutralised so that the public will not be deceived.

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