U.S. envoy to Malaysia stays on after Trump’s move to fire ambassadors

Jan 22, 2017


United States ambassador to Malaysia Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir is not among the ambassadors fired by President Donald Trump, reported The Star Online.

The news portal, quoting an embassy spokesman said Trump had only recalled political-appointee ambassador.

“Ambassador Lakhdhir is a career diplomat,” he said.

Lakhdhir had assumed office earlier this month, replacing Joseph Yun who left last October.

The Independent had reported that Trump had demanded for every ambassador in countries all over the world who had been appointed by former president Barack Obama, to leave their offices by Jan 20 and with no grace period.

While it is common policy that politically appointed ambassadors resign at the start of a new administration, it is less common to have no replacements in line.

It also reported that as many as 80 ambassadors for countries, agencies and issues, such as the ambassador for global women’s issues, have been discarded immediately.