TV host apologises to former national sprinter Watson Nyambek

Apr 24, 2017
Watson (centre) after lodging a police report in Miri on Monday … (The Star Online photo).

TV presenter Azizul Ammar Abu Hassan has apologised to former national sprinter Watson Nyambek for mocking his father’s name during a comedy programme.

“I humbly apologise to Watson Nyambek’s family as I have unconsciously derided the good name of his father.

“I respect our national athlete for his successes that have elevated Malaysia’s name in the international scene,” The Star Online reported as he said in a post on his Instagram account on Sunday night.

Azizul, who is the host of the Sukan Tak Sentral programme, said he welcomed all the comments directed at him from netizens.

He said this would serve as a guide for him in the future and to be aware of the sensitivities of society and the nation.

“I humbly apologise for my mistake and will ensure that this incident will not be repeated,” he said.

The programme’s producers Primeworks Studio also issued an apology to Watson over the incident Sunday night.

Watson on Monday lodged a police report against Azizul for mocking his father’s name.