Tunku Abdul Aziz – Who the hell is Lim Kit Siang to talk about honour

 |Jan 6, 2017
Tunku Abdul Aziz
Tunku Abdul Aziz.

“Who the hell is Lim Kit Siang to talk about honour?” thundered former DAP national vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz against the latest statement by DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang.

Online portal MMO has quoted Kit Siang as saying that he was not interested “to waste his time with someone who had lost his respect, trust and credibility” in reference to Tunku Abdul Aziz.

Kit Siang reportedly said this when MMO questioned him on whether he would take legal action against Tunku Abdul Aziz for allegedly claiming that he and former premier Mahathir Mohamad had a secret pact to make Mukhriz Mahathir as the prime minister (PM) and him the deputy prime minister (DPM) if the opposition alliance won the next general election (GE14).

“Who the hell is Kit Siang to talk about honour? He should be the last person to talk about honour and dignity,” Tunku Abdul Aziz told Malaysia Outlook today.

“He (Kit Siang) wallows in lies which seem to be his staple diet.

“If Kit Siang has no intention of becoming deputy prime minister, he should do what I have challenged him to do. It is as simple as that. He should make a statutory declaration (SD) to prove me wrong,” said Tunku Abdul Aziz.

Last week, Tunku Abdul Aziz has claimed that DAP and Parti Pribumi had entered into a secret pact to make Mukhriz Mahathir the PM and Kit Siang the DPM if Pakatan Harapan captured Putrajaya in GE14.

Tunku Abdul Aziz today repeated his challenge to Kit Siang and Mukhriz to respond to his challenge by making SDs as a means of proving conclusively that he was wrong.

“If they make this SDs, then they are welcomed to take legal action against me,” he said.

When questioned about Kit Siang’s instructions to his lawyers to file a civil suit against Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and any other media outlets carrying the news which the DAP leader described as ‘fake news’, Tunku Abdul Aziz condemned such action as being ad odds with Kit Siang’s often repeated claims of the need for media freedom in this country.

“DAP is not focusing on the crux of the issue here.

“Instead of responding to my challenge, they have resorted to attacking me personally.

“Suing The New Straits Times and Utusan Malaysia is akin to shooting the messengers who were merely carrying my press statement.

“Kit Siang, when it suits him defends media freedom but in this case, he is showing his disdain and lack of respect for freedom of the press.

“He is not the person to defend freedom of speech because DAP is a party which is notorious for its intolerance of any form of criticisms.

“Its weapon of choice is to threaten to take legal action against anyone, and everyone including the media criticising him or his party,” blasted Tunku Abdul Aziz.

Murali is a contributor to MO. He advocates the principle of practising human rights with responsibility.