Traffic police to nab ‘Pokemon Go’ playing motorists

Aug 11, 2016

traffi police

The police will come down hard on motorists who play the mobile phone game, ‘Pokemon Go’ while on the road.

Errant motorists are liable to be slapped with a RM300 fine for such an offence.

Federal Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department director SAC Mahamad Akhir Darus said the mobile game could pose danger to both the motorist playing ‘Pokemon Go’ and other road users.

“We want to remind motorists not to risk themselves and other road users by playing ‘Pokemon Go’ while driving, as they could lose focus and cause accidents.

“It is an offence using the mobile phone while driving, even if they are caught holding a phone waiting for the traffic light (to change green) like using WhatsApp messenger,” he told Bernama after closing a four-day Evidential Breath Analyser here today.