The writing is on the wall, Guan Eng

 |Aug 3, 2016
Time for Lim Guan Eng to make way for Chow Kon Yeow to become Penang Chief Minister.
Time for Lim Guan Eng to make way for Chow Kon Yeow to become Penang Chief Minister.

What has happened to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for the past two weeks?

In an open letter to Malaysians, the DAP leader claimed that his idea of snap poll, which later turned out to be a scrap poll fiasco, was to save Malaysia.

“It’s about saving Malaysia, not me. That’s why we ask for a fresh mandate from the people of Penang,” says Guan Eng in the letter recently.

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After reading his article, the perception created by Guan Eng was totally uncalled for.

Lay public knows it was his own doing.

Let me recall another letter dated Aug 16, 2010 that Guan Eng sent to DAP branch and state leaders.

Excerpt of the letter:

“The party will not hesitate in taking similar action against any other leader or member who is found to have committed any such dishonest or even illegal act at point of time.”

Now let me ask: “If Guan was found guilty on the two corruptions, will DAP disciplinary board act the same?”

Action speaks louder than words, isn’t it not?

Guan Eng should stop playing  the blame game as this was his own doing and personal matter . It is not the party matter.

Guan Eng should decide to step down graciously as a man of CAT principles.

He should stop playing the blame game to deceive the lay public.

We Malaysians are a group of “Thinking Malaysians” able  to differentiate between a right and a wrong.

We have given Guan Eng too much benefit of doubts, be it as the DAP secretary-general  or as the chief minister.

It’s time for Penangites to ask him on what has he done for the people especially on issues of low-cost housing.

May be the Penangites should teach him how to strategise the five-year economic strategic plan.

Guan Eng must now answer to the staunched DAP members and Malaysians what has actually happened during the central executive committee (CEC) election in Dec 2012 and subsequent re-election in Sep 2013.

In April 17, 2013, Guan Eng’s father and DAP supremo, almost 20 days before the GE13, his father sympathetically, after the Registrar of Societies (ROS) had issued a letter to party top brass pointing out that the CEC election in Dec 2012 was not legal.

Many fell for the cry.

Now Guan Eng is again using his same old “saving a young Malay girl” tactic, which can be construed as a contempt of court, organising road shows and also asking for donations to offset the bail he had mutually agreed and paid spontaneously.

Guan Eng should daringly come out and honestly explain to us what the real cause behind the two corruption charges he is facing now.

He should not be economical with his truth.

Many might have forgotten how former Selangor Menteri Besar Khir Toyo was put behind bars?

We actually have to thank Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Suee Lim for digging out the rules that eventually jailed Khir.

Did Khir actually blame others for his wrong doings?

Guan Eng should stop the blame game and graciously accept what he has done with the two scandals.

Guan Eng should take it easy and face the court, and learn to curb his temper.

We still want to hear and the decision from the court.

The lay public will not jump the gun and sentence him.

We want him to prove that he was innocent and get acquitted by the court.

But, ironically, he himself has said he would be put behind bars and blamed it on Umno.

If Guan Eng was honest in his own verdict that “no one can save him”, then he and his father should now crown Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow as Penang Chief Minister.

It is not about how to actualise the transfer of the CM post to Chow , it is all about whether the Lim Dynasty willing to formalize it, and eventually let Chow run the show.

This is not the Guan Eng that we all know. A Guan Eng full of thunder, storm and lighting.

Guan Eng  must learn from Khir Toyo and accept his punishment if found guilty by the court.

Guan Eng should just be happy.

I am sure that many DAP die hard supporters and also those from Pakatan Harapan would support Guan Eng during his trial.

There will be six lawyers with him, so he shall be happy and let justice takes its own course.

Meantime, Guan Eng should stop playing the blame game and step down as Penang Chief Minister.


Tan Tuan Tat is a Malaysia Outlook columnist. He advocates racial unity as the key for a nation's success.