Sue me or step down from Media Prima, Tunku Aziz issues ultimatum to FD Iskandar

 |Dec 20, 2016
Tunku Abdul Aziz speaking to reporters at PJ Hilton today.
Tunku Abdul Aziz speaking to reporters at PJ Hilton today.

Sue me or step down as the Media Prima chairman that is the ultimatum given to FD Iskandar by social activist Tunku Abdul Aziz.

Speaking to reporters at PJ Hilton today, Tunku Aziz said Iskandar failed to reply within the stipulated one week time frame to apologise on his allegation that the frequent appearance of the former had caused the TV3 audience ratings to drop to dangerously low levels.

Iskandar falsely claimed that Tunku Aziz had made 12 appearances in a row in the month of October and November on TV3’s Buletin Utama, in truth he only had 3 brief appearances.

“This has proved to be a pack of lies invented for the Prime Minister Najib Razak’s consumption.

“I should have felt flattered that had been credited with possessing the power to bring down Iskandar’s mighty TV3 to its knees.” Tunku Aziz said.

On Dec 13, Iskandar in reply to his statement published in Malaysia Outlook avoided responding to the key issue raised in his article.

Tunku Aziz added that on Nov 28, Iskandar allegedly lied and misled the Prime Minister of Malaysia by dragging Tunku Aziz name to serve his own personal agenda.

“This issue was his using my name to lie to the Prime Minister about a situation that was figment of his devious mind.” he added.

Tunku Aziz demanding a public apology from him is a sole purpose to exercise rights to protect his name under the law.

“The deadline for the apology has been ignored by him and it seems to suggest a presumption of innocence on his part and that he is an aggrieved party.

“If that is how he feels about the matter, then he should sue me for defaming him.

“If he feels for whatever reason, he is not prepared to take me on then it is morally incumbent upon him to resign from his chairmanship of Media Prima which has no place for a common liar.

“It is only honourable way out for anyone in is position who has been publicly denounced as a liar.

“Iskandar by hanging on to his position at Media Prima will cause the organisatioon irreparable reputational damage and time to ship out and do Media Prima a favour” he pointed out.

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