Strong police presence to protect Malaysiakini building from Red Shirts

 |Nov 5, 2016
Police were seen protecting Malaysiakini building from today morning ... (Fail Pic).
Police were seen protecting Malaysiakini building from today morning … (Fail Pic).

Strong police presence were be seen outside the online news portal Malaysiakini’s office building in Jalan Tandang, Peteling Jaya since today morning.

The Red Shirts crowd built up significantly at 1pm, with more of them seen arriving.

Also present to show support was Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) chief Azwanddin Hamzah who had lodged a police report lately against the news portal and several other civil rights movements over an alleged funding from US billionaire George Soros through his Open Society Foundations (OSF).

On Thursday the Red Shirts movement’s leader Jamal Yunos lead some 50 supporters to meet Malaysiakini’s editor-in-chief Steven Gan to demand an explanation on their alleged foreign funding.

Jamal gave the news portal a dateline until 12 noon today for the explanation.

“Failing which, we will have a huge protest here and we will ensure that a part of this building will fall,” Jamal had said, adding that everyone was free to interpret the statement.

Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan and chief executive officer Premesh Chandran denied that the funding was provided with the aim of toppling the Government.

On Friday, the news portal’s representatives lodged a police report over the threat by Jamal to hold a second protest outside its office.

Murali is a contributor to MO. He advocates the principle of practising human rights with responsibility.