Stop your selective enforcement on critics, Huan Cheng tells Penang government

Dec 25, 2016


Parti Cinta Malaysia vice-president Huan Cheng Guan has claimed that Penang state government is selective and doing harsh enforcement via authorities on its critics.

In a press statement issued today, he said the powers have appeared to have taken a lesson from the underworld, with punishments meted out to those who have disapproved their act.

He was responding allegations from a Penang cafe owner who claimed his three cafes were raided because he was critical of the state government.

If the state government really wants to uphold law and justice, why no checks were carried out on other premises which had clearly violated the law, asked Huan.

“This is the ala gangster administration of the Penang government on anyone who dared to criticise.

“This is also a subtle warning to Penangites not to criticise the state administration, its chief minister and the ruling party in the government,” Huan said.

Yesterday, Nanyang Siang Pau reported that a cafe owner claimed he was subject to stringent checks by the municipalities after he had hit out at a Penang leader on the Chinese dailies.

All three of his outlets on Penang Island and mainland Seberang Prai were scrutinised for faults.

One of the municipal officers fined the owner for “having plants that attract insects”, he added.