Stop the blame game on flash floods in Penang – DAP government told

Nov 15, 2016
Flood in Penang.
Flood in Penang.PPenang

It has been eight years since the DAP-helmed state government took over Penang.

What has the state government brought for Penangites?

Flash floods, not just one but in many areas.

Many areas in Penang are flooded shortly after heavy rain.

Flood situation in some areas is horrifying with water level swallowing half of the cars.

People affected by the flood have suffered heavy losses.

Hillslope development is rampant in Penang.
Hillslope development is rampant in Penang.

Every time when flood strikes Penang, the DAP-led state government will just blame it on the previous Barisan Nasional (BN) state administration, or even the sky.

On the recent floods, Penang executive councillor in charge of flood mitigation Chow Kon Yeow blamed it on the overwhelming rain volume and rubbish as well as on the BN federal government.

The regular flash floods lately in many areas in Penang are due to excessive and uncontrolled development.

Even some foreigners who stay in Penang now have given the DAP-led state government a new nickname – Developer Association of Penang.

Foreigners may have a valid reason to coin the nickname because as I observed, the state government’s development direction seems to be only benefitting the developers, instead of the people.

Flood in Penang.
Flood in Penang.

Under the DAP leadership, many hillslopes in Penang have been cleared for development.

“Botak Hills” appear one after another, such as in Bukit Gambier, Paya Terubong, Sungai Ara, etc.

Unmonitored development of hill slopes is a major cause for all these flash floods.

The current state government even relaxed the development density from 30 units per acre under the previous BN administration to currently 128 units per acre.

Such high density developments are also another reason for flash floods.

Allowing higher density will lead to even more high density development.

This will be followed by many adverse effects such as traffic congestions, flash floods, and drastic reduction in quality of life.

High density development has already caused traffic congestion and flash floods in areas such as Tanjung Bungah, Paya Terubong, Green Lane, Farlim, and Air Itam.

Flood in Penang.
Flood in Penang.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has been saying that he wanted to make Penang an international city.

However, eight years on, DAP administration did not make Penang an international city, but a flooded state.

No matter what, we hope the state government would thoroughly review the excessive development in Penang.

Stop the blame game and show us your medium and long term flood mitigation plans.

Oh Tong Keong