SR reader apologises to senior Aussie lawyer

 |Aug 9, 2016
Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle Brown (left) with former Malaysian Premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Sarawak Report blog editor Clare Rewcastle Brown (left) with former Malaysian Premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad. King Leong allegedly posted nasty remarks against lawyer Rozario in Sarawak Report blog.

Below is a letter of apology by a Sarawak Report blog reader to Quintin Rozario, a prominent Malaysian-born litigation lawyer in Brisbane

The apology is made by King Leong, a Malaysian from Penang working in a senior position in a bank in Australia.

The lead to this was the Bernama report written by Azman Ujang quoting Rosario as saying that the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) forfeiture action was flawed.

The Bernama article  published in Malaysia Outlook titled ‘US DOJ action on 1MDB legally flawed, says senior Aussie lawyer’ (Read Here), Rozario alleged that the move by the DOJ to seize assets allegedly linked to 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) is legally flawed. The Malaysian-born Australian lawyer Rozario said by making public statements  alleging that certain Malaysian individuals had laundered and channeled illicit funds into the US, its Attorney-General Loretta Lynch had herself committed “excesses and breaches of natural justice”.

The article was put in Sarawak Report under the title – ‘Top Lawyer in … Brisbane?’ at 2139hrs on Aug 8 with a Kuching dateline.

King Leong had allegedly made certain unsavoury remarks in that Sarawak Report article against Rozario.

A search by MO however, could not find King Leong comments under the article in Sarawak Report.

Perhaps Sarawak Report has withdrawn King Leong’s alleged nasty comments against Rozario.

King Leong published this retraction and apology, which the Sarawak Report apparently has concealed in its Facebook posting on the article by Azman Ujang.

King Leong’s retraction and apology as below –

‘In light of further information that has come to my attention, I would like to make the following statement:

On 31/07 I made a comment on Sarawak Report post about Quintin Rozario solicitor in Brisbane and the subject of a Bernama authored article in which he is quoted giving his professional opinion on the US Department of Justice attempts to forfeit property belonging to 1MDB.

At no time or anywhere in that article, which subsequently received wide circulation in the Malaysian and foreign media, did Mr. Rozario claim to be a “Top Lawyer” as I wrote in my comment.

The term used by Bernama to describe Mr. Rozario in the article is “prominent litigation lawyer”.

Further, on reflection, I do admit to certain inaccuracies and to erroneous statements in my comments which are unjustified and were designed to cause embarrassment.

They include the reference to his office at “Shailer Park a S..t hole 30 Kms for the Brisbane CBD” and to the firm of Quintin Rozario & Associates which in truth no longer exists.

Each of these statements were made without regard to the facts, were designed to cause embarrassment and disparage Mr. Rozario and injure his reputation.

Quintin Rozario & Associates is a firm that has long since been absorbed into the integrated law firm of Delta Law of which Mr. Rozario is principal solicitor.

Other inaccuracies and comments that I made about Mr. Rozario in my Facebook post which found its way to the Sarawak Report and which I am unsure as to the accuracy of includes the allegation that Mr. Rozario “condemned the Justice Department” which it is clear he did not in the article ascribed to his comments in the media.

The comment on his profile in LinkedIn is a further example of comments made without proper consideration for the facts or regard for the truth.’