Salleh: Futile trying to resist China’s great march forward

Jan 8, 2017


China’s move forward is ongoing with its investments, going into partnership and buying assets and Malaysia needs to accept this or be left behind.

“We have been warned that while globalisation does have its good side it also means the creation of a borderless world and the end of protectionism,” said Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said KeruakĀ in a blog posting.

“You cannot expect FDI (foreign direct investment) or money to flow into your country and yet not be prepared to relinquish control of certain assets.”

Salleh said this was the reality of the new world that former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad needed to wake up to.

Dr Mahathir had recently wrote in his blog that FDI meant foreigners brought in money to buy land and develop towns and cities where their people would come and stay.

Dr Mahathir said that this would not benefit Malaysians as it would now be owned and occupied by foreigners, making it foreign land, warning that they would eventually demand for citizenship and take part in Malaysian politics including elections.

“The other alternative is to adopt a closed-door policy and move backwards and remain poor,” added Salleh.

“It is futile trying to resist China’s great march forward just like it was futile to resist Western colonisation 500 years ago. China is on the move and no one can stop them.”