Rosmah’s lawyer warns fake news mongers

Jan 16, 2017

The legal firm of Messrs Noorhajran Mohd Noor has been authorised by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor (hereinafter referred to as the ‘client’) to issue this media statement.

Rosmah Mansor - victim of malicious fake news disseminated by irresponsible and unscrupulous quarters.
Rosmah Mansor – victim of malicious fake news disseminated by irresponsible and unscrupulous quarters.

This is a general statement issued on behalf of the client to the public pertaining to accusations and falsifications of facts against Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Attention is drawn to a story carried by bloggers and social media postings recently.

The allegations are those to the innuendoes made that “Rosmah was the one who signed the cheques as Eric Tan”.

This media statement is issued, in relation to above, cross-referenced with the statement of facts made by the Attorney-General of Singapore dated Jan 10, 2017 pertaining to the case of Public Prosecutor v Jens Fred Sturzenegger.

Through the statement of facts issued by the AG’s Chamber of Singapore, there was nothing mentioned in the said statement indicative of the allegations made in the social media of the purported role played by Rosmah Mansor.

These allegations are serious, intended to make representations, publishes imputations intending to harm or knowing or having reasons to believe that such imputations will harm the reputation and done with malicious intent to destroy and reduce credibility of Rosmah Mansor as the wife the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

Further and in addition to the above, attention is also drawn to a photo circulated through the social media with regards Rosmah Mansor titled as “Big Momma sighted in Claremont Quarter in Perth (1) body guard and (2) personal maids tagging along.”

My client’s (unofficial) personal space was unduly encroached upon.

Accusations of her friends being deemed as personal maids are totally disgusting, humiliating and embarrassing to the persons.

Obviously signifying the writer and/or blogger is void of any reliable facts and full knowledge with regards to personal life of Rosmah Mansor.

The allegation and incorrect statement made by bloggers and social media practitioners are lies represented to the public at large which are designed to created and form opinions and judgments that are false and misleading.

Whether or not the those statements are politically motivated it is regrettable to induce the opinion of the public to hate others based on lies and upon the misconception and the denial of true facts, creating something out of nothing.

There are decisions of the European Court of Human Rights which reiterated on the principles of freedom of expression.

While the court acknowledges the important benefits can be derived from the internet in the exercise of freedom of expression, it is also mindful that liability for defamatory or other types of unlawful speech must, in principle, be retained and constitute an effective remedy for violation of personality rights , on injuring a person honour and good name.