ROS to hang MAICCI’s registration, unveils former office bearer

 |Feb 10, 2017
Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI)
Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI)

The Registrar of Society (ROS) has issued a notice of cancellation under Section 13(2) of Societies Act 1966 to Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI) based on the complaint made by one of the former office bearer.

Former MAICCI assistant secretary general P.Muguntha said that he has given all the complaints to ROS in Jan 2016 and even brought up all the relevant issues  in all MAICCI  council meeting but because of the high endedness of its chief Kenneth Eswaran and secretary-general AT Kumararajah have led the 65 year old Indian chambers  in the verge to be closed , revealed to Malaysia Outlook.

It’s a very sad story in the history of Indian businessman in Malaysia as this organisation was a dialogue partner with the Government and a member of the National Chamber of Commerce Malaysia, said Muguntha.

The reason put forward by ROS to MAICCI in its letter dated January 16, 2017 are as follows:

  1. While it’s stated very clearly in the MAICCI constitution that the treasurer is a compulsory signatory, the President and secretary signed cheques and withdrew money without the treasurer’s signature. ROS questioned the process of taking out the money without the Treasurer’s signature.
  2. Why all the delegates during the 64th Annual General Meeting (AGM) were not sent a notice to attend.
  3. It is stated clearly in the MAICCI constitution that all delegates have to be sent notice 21 days before the AGM, but was not done accordingly which contradicts the MAICCI constitution.
  4. The calling of the meetings as per the MAICCI constitution can only be done by the assistant secretary general, but the president, secretary general and council members deliberately never allowed the assistant secretary general to call for the meeting. Another contradiction raised by the ROS.
  5. MAICCI constitution states that any motion to be tabled at the AGM must be given 21 days notice but the then secretary general only issued a notice within seven (7) days, and never allowed any motion to be tabled.
  6. MAICCI did not submit the motions received, AGM report and accounts to the delegates before 14 days of the AGM.

“ROS has given MAICCI 30 days as per the Societies Act 1966 an opportunity to respond to the letter issued earlier this year January.

Former MAICCI office bearer P.Muguntha
Former MAICCI office bearer P.Muguntha

“So it is the duty of the office bearers to act within the stipulated time frame.

“However, it is very surprising that they did not even inform the council members,” Muguntha said.

Muguntha also raised that MAICCI has called for its 14th Management Council Meeting on March 3, however in the agenda, the ROS directive was sidelined.

“The irony of the matter is that the whole council members are aware the violation of MAICCI, however allowed this violation to take place.

“The council members are the custodians of the NGO to protect its sanctity.

“And very sadly they failed in their duty to reprimand these issues and also failed to report to ROS on all these violations.

“MAICCI is a multi-million ringgit organisation and today because of its adamant attitude, they believe all laws in Malaysia can be comprised.” claims Muguntha.



ROS letter to MAICCI
ROS letter to MAICCI



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