Reject Mahathir and his racist party – PKR man

 |Aug 16, 2016
Penang PKR leader Halim called on PKR and Pakatan Harapan not to cooperate with Mahathir's party.
Penang PKR leader Halim called on PKR and Pakatan Harapan not to cooperate with Mahathir’s party.

A Penang PKR leader has called on his party and by extension, coalition of opposition parties Pakatan Harapan, not to forge any ties with Mahathir Mohamad-led “racist party” Parti Pribumi Bersatu.

Balik Pulau PKR division chairman Abdul Halim Hussain reminded Pakatan allies, especially PKR, that they had propagated and convinced the people all these years that Mahathir was the “Maha Firaun” (the Great Pharaoh) who had robbed millions of the country when he was the country’s prime minister between 1981 and 2013.

Indeed, Halim said the damage being suffered by the country until today was caused by Mahathir’s wrongdoings and misrule.

He said the opposition parties do not need to extend any olive branch of cooperation to Mahathir just because he had suddenly formed and led a party.

“Such cooperation must be rejected

“We cannot just promote him as a leader and sit alongside us on the people’s platform,” said Halim, the former Penang Assembly House Speaker, in a strongly worded statement today.

“We can accept humans who had changed. But the person must repent, be apologetic and remorseful, and willing to return all the rights that he had taken away from us.”

He recalled that PKR was formed at the height of anti-Mahathir sentiments back in 1998 after the former premier mistreated, humiliated and jailed his then deputy Anwar Ibrahim.

But even at a recent interview with Al Jazeera TV, Halim noted that Mahathir showed no remorse or was unapologetic for his wrongdoings and ill-treatment on Anwar.

Halim said Mahathir had to accept and apologise for all his wrongdoings and mistakes, and return all the monies that he had robbed from the people through various scandals such as Perwaja, Bank Bumiputra, Maminco Makuwasa and bailouts to save his children.

“Anwar was sacked for trying to halt the bailouts,” recalled Halim.

Mahathir's party is racist in nature, said PKR Balik Pulau division chairman Halim.
Mahathir’s party is racist in nature, said PKR Balik Pulau division chairman Halim.

He said PKR leaders especially those so closely knitted with Mahathir, should declare their stand on the controversial issues pertaining to the former premier.

“By right, PKR leaders should have asked Mahathir to apologise to Anwar and people of Malaysia,” he said, adding that as a matter principle, PKR should always hold dear to its reform ideals in any cooperation the party planned to forge with others.

He pointed out that Mahathir’s party was racist in nature as he allowed non-Malays to join it only as associate members without any voting power or positions.

“Are non-Malays only qualified to be cheer leaders for the new party?

“If Mahathir’s party was allowed to join Pakatan and accepted as a PKR political partner, it means we are recognising racial discrimination.

“It will reflect badly on PKR, which had been formed on a multiracial set up.

“This going to burden us when we face the people during the general election,” cautioned Halim.

He said Mahathir’s presence could be counter-productive and destructive to Pakatan as public support over such cooperation would split, stressing that currently the people’s sentiments were very much anti-Umno and anti-Barisan Nasional.

“But any attempt by Mahathir to return to power by proxy to imprint his legacy would surely upset that public sentiments,” cautioned Halim … Read More

PKR was born riding on public sentiments against Mahathir's ill-treatment on Anwar (left)
PKR was born riding on public sentiments against Mahathir’s ill-treatment on Anwar (left)
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