Rafizi Ramli should play his kid game with his equals

 |Dec 22, 2016
PKR's Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli.
PKR’s Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli.

Rafizi Ramli has given Prime Minister Najib Razak seven days to sue him if he is wrong in saying that the MRT project is going to exceed RM100 billion.

Rafizi thinks other people have no work and should spend their entire time suing each other and going in and out of court.

Rafizi has placed himself at the same level as the prime minister, which is why he has challenged Najib to sue him.

If Najib sues him then Rafizi would be elevated to the same level of the prime minister.

Najib should just ignore Rafizi and not ‘layan’ (entertain) him or give him the time of day.

If not then Najib would be acknowledging that Rafizi was an important person and what he said was also important.

Anyway, Rafizi has been sued many times and has even been charged and each time he lost and was proven wrong.

So he already has a track record of not telling the truth.

Why need to yet again prove him wrong?

Let the track record speak for itself.

Rafizi just wants to take on Najib to show he is a big person.

He would then be seen as brave and a hero for daring to take on the prime minister.

Najib should just tell Rafizi to go ‘main jauh-jauh’ (take your game elsewhere) with those of his same level and ignore his childish antics like those of kids in the playground.

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Raja Sara Petra is a MO reader and a political commentator. Raja Sara understands that every Malaysian, like the three generations of her family before her, must do their bit for Malaysia. Although she was from what can be considered as an elite family, she empathises with the difficulties most Malaysians have to endure in their daily lives.