Rafizi guns ex-PAS man Nasharudin to relive “dead” 1MDB issue

 |Apr 11, 2017
PKR’s Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli is trying revive a seven-year old story to rekindle public interest on 1MDB.

Nasharudin Mat Isa is one of those so-called ‘liberal’ or ‘moderate’ PAS leaders who oppose the Sharia and/or the Sharia Amendment Bill a.k.a. Act 355.

Due to his opposition to what he calls ‘extreme’ Islam (to borrow from what Lim Kit Siang and DAP would say) Nasharudin left PAS in 2013.

The other members of Nasharudin’s gang left not long after that to form Amanah, DAP’s Islamic party.

So this is the man who Rafizi is going to finger later this week.

Rafizi said he has documentary evidence to prove that Nasharudin did, in fact, receive RM90 million from 1MDB.

The person who gave Rafizi this evidence is Bahri Mohamad Zain, who resigned from the MACC late last year.

Rafizi is acting like this is a new revelation or an exclusive story.

Actually this story is seven years old.

Furthermore, Saifuddin Abdullah and Saifuddin Nasution had already spoken about this matter before.

This story first cropped up when the two Saifuddin’s met up with Nasharudin, together with the late Haron Din, around 2010 to discuss the possibility of setting up a unity government.

The idea, however, was shot down by both Prime Minister Najib Razak and the PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

They met again in London in 2013 to reactivate the discussion of the unity government between Umno and PAS, which would include PKR this time.

Hadi however, shot the idea down, yet again – which was why the liberals or moderates ganged up against him in the first place.

The ironical thing is Hadi thought that a unity government with only Umno, PKR and PAS is a betrayal to DAP and he did not want to betray DAP.

What Lim Kit Siang did not realise is that these ‘liberals’ and ‘moderates’ in PAS who he was backing (financially as well) are opposed to Hadi not only because of Act 355 but because Hadi refuses to agree to the unity government, which Nasharudin and his gang were trying to set up with Umno.

Here was Kit Siang supporting the liberal or moderate group in PAS that was prepared to betray DAP by teaming up with Umno to form an all-Malay-all-Islam government – which would have happened if not because of Hadi.

My only question is why is Rafizi so late?

Why reveal Nasharudin’s name only later this week when everyone already knew about this story since before the pervious general election.

In fact, this story was already ‘hangat’ seven years ago since 2010.

Maybe Rafizi knows that the 1MDB issue was already dead, so he was trying to give it new life by adding a new dimension to the issue. – Malaysia Today

Raja Petra Kamarudin or RPK, cousin to the Selangor Sultan, is one of Malaysia's earliest online 'citizen journalists'. He started his website in 1995 before the internet 'explosion' triggered by the Reformasi movement in September 1998. Malaysia Today was launched as a blog in August 2004 and is one of the few pioneer blogs still active and posting articles on a daily basis 24-7. RPK, 66 years old, has been writing since 1990.