Police to seek information from Canada on serial rapist’s status

Jan 14, 2017

selva kumar subbiah

A convicted Malaysian serial rapist is likely to be deported back to the country by Canadian authorities after he serves out his 25-year prison sentence, reported The Star Online.

The man, Selva Kumar Subbiah (pic), 56, who was convicted of assaulting more than two dozen women in Canada, is due to be released from jail this month.

Malaysian police, however, have yet to be officially notified by Canadian authorities of what will happen to him with Inspector-general of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said they would contact them through the Malaysian High Commission in Canada to find out Selva Kumar’s current status.

“It is premature to conclude on further action, on whether he’ll be deported or otherwise, until we get more information,” he was quoted as saying by the news portal.

He was commenting on a Toronto Star news portal report, which said Selva Kumar was set to be released although authorities declined to say whether he would be deported to Malaysia or “returned to the streets of Toronto.”

The Canadian news portal also said that his release came amid warnings from prison staff that he was at high risk to reoffend or even kill.

He was told during a parole hearing last year that behind-bars therapy had not done him much good.

The portal also said Canada Border Services would not say if he would be deported when he was released although a spokesperson said the Immigration Act “clearly defines reasons for inadmissibility including involvement in criminal activity, in human rights violations, in organized crime, security, health or financial reasons.”

He was convicted of multiple sexual assaults in 1992 and the judge, during his sentencing, had ordered police to escort Selva Kumar back to Malaysia when he was released.

Selva Kumar committed his crime under different guises including a model agent, movie talent scout, professional dancer, lawyer and diplomat.

He would lure victims to the basement of his home through ads offering to sell exotic pets and would drug his victims with a spiked drink.

Once they were unconscious, he would normally rape them and take photos of their naked, limp bodies.

The court, at the time, heard that one of his victims was as young as 14 and a black book containing the names of 170 women, rated on a scale from 0 to 10, was found on him when he was arrested.