Police reports lodged against a ‘Datuk Seri’ businessman, his ‘Datuk’ wife over forex scam

 |Apr 10, 2017
Ramanan (third from right) and Amy (second from left) with other complainants outside the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.

Former MIC treasurer-general R. Ramanan led some 50 people to lodge police reports against a ‘Datuk Seri’ businessman and his wife, who is a ‘Datuk’, over an alleged foreign exchange scam.

The complainants have claimed that they had been duped by the “elite” couple in the forex scam, which had resulted in them losing millions.

Speaking to reporters outside the Dang Wangi police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, Ramanan said he had civic responsibilities to take the couple to task and to prevent more people from being victimised by them.

He said the couple’s modus operandi was to convert to Islam, misuse the names of the prime minister and his wife, and deputy prime minister to lure victims into investing in the forex scam.

“One of the victims had even invested about RM55 million into the couple’s company after he was touched by their eagerness to convert to Islam.

“The couple had also been misusing the names of Malaysian prime minister and his wife, and the deputy prime minister to convince unsuspecting victims to invest in their company,” alleged Ramanan, who is now the press secretary to the Senate President S.A. Vigneswaran.

He pointed out that the couple, who was previously Hindus, had been mocking both religions since 2013 when the alleged conversion took place.

“There are video and audio recordings of the conversion process but they have not been practising Islam. They are mocking both religions,” he said.

The police have already started the investigation into the forex scam under Section 3(1) of the Prevention of Crime Act (Poca) since last month.

The federal police from the commercial crime division had already busted a syndicate that allegedly swindled more than RM80 million from tens of thousands of victims nationwide.

Six people, aged between 28 and 38, including a woman, had been detained on March 28 to assist the investigation.

Commending the police swift action on the alleged crime, Ramanan urged the law enforcers to move in fast to nab the elite couple.

One of the victims, Amy Salmiah Dahlan, 43, claimed that she was representing a group of 700 investors, who lost about RM6 million.

“I was introduced to the company by a mutual friend and he told me that the company was a registered entity in New Zealand.

“He even showed proof that he made around RM2.4mil from his investment, convincing me to invest in the company and which also led me to introduce my friends,” explained Amy on how she became an unwitting investor in the forex scam.

Murali is a contributor to MO. He advocates the principle of practising human rights with responsibility.