Police report against Mahathir for using word ‘keling’

 |Aug 6, 2016



Former PKR Puchong division head Murali Subramaniam has lodged a police report on a video of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad using the word ‘keling’ which was widely circulated on social media and Whatsapp since yesterday.

After lodging a report today at Petaling Jaya police station Murali told Malaysia Outlook that as senior statesmen who ruled the country for almost 22 years should not have used the ‘keling’ word.


“The word ‘keling’ used by Dr Mahathir in the video is sensitive to Indians. He should know better. How could he have used that word?

“We Indian leaders in Pakatan are unhappy about the derogatory word. Since the former premier is trying to make ally with Pakatan we shall boycott Mahathir by not supporting him,” said Murali.

Murali hopes the police will take a stern action against Mahathir by investigating him under Sedition Act.

“When the police investigated and charged Bukit Delima assemblyman RSN Rayer for labeling ‘Umno Celaka’, Mahathir should be investigated and charged with equal standard,” added Murali.

The 15 seconds video clip was believed to be a ‘Save Malaysia’ event in Langkawi which took place in May, focuses on Mahathir making fun of Prime Minister Najib’s handling of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

Mahathir said “Najib fighting IS, we can see him holding a rifle to fight IS. What do the ‘keling’ say, ‘podah’ (go away).