Permata funds never goes into my handbag says Rosmah

 |Dec 2, 2016
Rosmah ticks off her critics that Permata funds never goes into her handbag.
Rosmah ticks off her critics that Permata funds never goes into her handbag.

Prime Minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor reminded her critics on the Permata project that the funds coming from government never goes into her handbag.

During her acceptance speech receiving ‘Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership’ , Rosmah also stressed that the Permata initiatives is solely for the underprivileged children and not for the elite group as claimed and spin by certain unscrupulous people.

She added that she can go on telling about Permata initiatives and achievements for the whole day.

“This brings me to the subject that is so close to my heart – Permata programme that I initiated in 2005.

“Permata literally alludes to the children as the jewels of the nation where ‘Every Child Is Precious And No Child Is Left Behind’.

“It incorporates all concepts that I have just described guided by the philosophy that quality and holistic education must begin early, if possible from the time of conception.

“It must uncover and nurture the enormous and invaluable potential inherent in all children,” said Rosmah.

Permata is about developing the child cognitive, physical, emotional, ethical, spiritual and behavioral development as well as social attachment as a total balanced being, she added.

“It has strong focus on healthy living, exercise, nutrition and inculcation of values, ethics and roles that ultimately shape the nation’s character growth.

“It is also built on the belief that voices of children must be heard and that children must have the time to enjoy a childhood so as to bring out their full potential to become responsible and knowledgeable global citizens.

“The Ministry Of Education (MOE), Higher Education Ministry, Tourism and Culture have been forthcoming in their support and also thanked the National University Of Malaya, University Science Islam Malaysia, Sultan Idris Teaching University, Department of National Unity and Department of National Unity and Department of Rural Development for all the resources and efficiency in implementing the seven initiatives.” she added.

On top of that, Rosmah also thanked her husband Prime Minister Najib Razak for his unwavering encouragement and belief that children are our national treasures who need to be nurtured and educated with care, attention and love as soon as they are born.


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