People remember the old tunes

 |Oct 8, 2016
Salleh Keruak reminds both former Umno leaders not to forget the statements they have said before.
Salleh Keruak reminds both former Umno leaders not to forget the statements they have said before.

Former Umno leaders Muhyiddin Yassin and Mukhriz Mahathir are both identical on taking their fight against their former  party with a ‘personal vendetta’ rather than putting its country and people first.

In his latest blog posting, Communications and Multimedia minister Salleh Said Keruak questioned the both former leaders’ maneuverings to bury Umno in the next general election.

“If Muhyiddin thinks people are going to forget what he said before and the contradictions to what he says now then he is grossly mistaken.

“Of course, people will understand that what Muhyiddin said before as an Umno leader.

“Muhyiddin Yassin is going to find out that what he said in the past and what he says now is going to be picked up and the contradictions between ‘then and now’ are going to be very glaring. “ said Salleh.

Previously, Muhyiddin said he is Malay first and everything else second, added Salleh.

“Muhyiddin also says that without the help of DAP, PAS would not win many seats.

“How can Muhyiddin expect PAS and DAP to sleep in the same bed again when the issue that caused the divorce in the first place is still outstanding?

“Is Muhyiddin saying that PAS should drop the Syariah Courts Act amendment bill or is he saying that DAP should accept the Bill?

“It has to be one or the other for PAS and DAP to get back together,” asks Salleh

Salleh also likened Mukhriz’s action lately like ‘upholding the wet thread’ (menegakkan benang basah).

If Mukhriz wasn’t sacked from Umno would he have changed his tune, ponders Salleh.

Salleh added that with the Internet age people remember what you have said even decades ago and even if they cannot remember they can always research and find out.

As a gentle reminder, Salleh advocates “You must not only be careful with what you say but you must also remember what you have said in the past.”

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