Penang is not regional drug smuggling hub, says IGP Khalid

Dec 27, 2016
IGP Khalid brushed off allegations of Penang is drug hub.
IGP Khalid brushed off allegations that Penang is a hub for drug smuggling.

Police today refuted claims that internationally-linked syndicates have made Penang a transit hub for drugs smuggled from the infamous ‘Golden Triangle’ near the Thai, Myanmar and Laos borders, saying that the statement is inaccurate.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said although it cannot be denied that drug usage and distribution takes place in Penang, it is not true that the state is a transit hub for drugs.

“Traders in Penang deal closely with legal Thai business, and some drug syndicates take advantage of this working relationship to smuggle in drugs.

“However, just because two or three people in the state are involved in drug distribution does not make the state a hub.

“Whatever it is, police have always taken action against drug dealers and smugglers,” NST reported as he saying after a rank-pinning ceremony of 11 police officers at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur.

Khalid said it must be noted that most drug bust successes in Thailand were due to intelligence cooperation between Malaysian police and Thai authorities.

He also added that most drugs seized in Penang originate from southern Thailand.

On a separate matter, Khalid urged the public to celebrate the coming New Year while still heeding the law.

“Insya’allah (God willing), we will ensure that the country is safe from threats, but youngsters who plan to celebrate the New Year must heed the law and not vandalise public property.

“Happy New Year,” he wished Malaysians.