Penang folks face trouble to own home under DAP’s housing policy

 |Mar 14, 2017
Penang MCA organising secretary Tan Chuan Hong

Penang MCA slammed its DAP-led state government for having wrong housing policy resulting Penangites to face difficulties to buy ‘affordable housing’.

According to Penang MCA organising secretary Tan Chuan Hong, the state government has recently promulgated a new policy to lower the selling price of houses costing RM1 million to RM800,000 for foreigners.

In introducing such a scheme for foreign buyers, Tan said the policy is meaningless as it does not help Penangites to buy their own homes.

“Data shows that there are 49% of households in Penang with a monthly income of less than RM4,000.

“They cannot even apply for a mortgage if they want to buy an affordable housing with minimum price of RM200,000.” Tan said.

Penang government should stop collecting contribution charges and encourage developers to build a large number of low cost and low medium-cost houses, Tan added.

This will be a measure to really help people to buy their own homes, instead of introducing a lot of “affordable housing” that general Penangites cannot afford.

He reminded the state government to solve the problem of Penangites cannot afford to buy a house as its top priority as it’s the main responsibility of the state government.

“The state government need a right strategy to tackle this problem by introducing cheaper houses for Penangites to purchase, rather than non-stop collecting contribution charges from developers which result in increasing of building costs and pushing up the housing prices.”