Penang DAP slammed for refusing to sign corruption-free pledge

 |Jul 17, 2017
File pic credit The Rakyat Post.

GEORGE TOWN: The refusal by Penang DAP to sign the Corruption-Free Pledge is reinforcing beliefs that the party condones and is involved in corruption, claimed a Penang PAS leader.

State PAS Commissioner Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff also described Penang DAP as being a confused and self-contradicting party over its refusal to sign the Corruption-Free Pledge.

Muhammad Fauzi said this was because the Penang DAP was seen as one who had proudly adopted a clean governance that is free from corruption, yet they refuse to sign the pledge.

“DAP is also confirming suspicion against them on the issue of corruption and what is even more disappointing is that their refusal is a reflection of how they are not committed towards fighting corruption with other quarters.

“Perhaps they have ‘contracted the corruption disease’ and that’s why they dare not commit to fight against it?

“They claimed that their Credibility, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) governance is more efficient in battling corruption compared to the Corruption-Free Pledge. If that is the case then why is it that their own corruption scandals and misuse of power are being discovered and charged one by one? ” asked Muhammad Fauzi.

He also labelled Penang DAP as practising double standards when it came to issues of public interest as he claimed that the party did not appear nterested to cooperate on the matter.

In a press statement issued today, Muhammad Fauzi also claimed that DAP’s CAT slogan was simply a political tool against their opponent.

Describing DAP’s fight against corruption and kleptocracy as being rhetorical, Muhammad Fauzi said the DAP could probably learn from Kelantan PAS, of which he claimed is open and has not been involved in corruption despite having been in power for so many years.

Meanwhile, Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy said that the state government has no faith in the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) .

He said this in response to¬†MACC chief commissioner Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad who criticised the state’s reluctance in signing the pledge.

While admitting that the MACC has lately made important moves to arrest and charge civil servants and one or two low-ranking politicians, Ramasamy claimed the agency has done little to address the menace of corruption.

He reasoned that no moves were made against those in powerful positions especially in “mega-corruption scandals”.

Ramasamy also questioned why the MACC was overly concerned with states that have not signed the pledge, saying it should instead be convincing these states that it can act against those involved in corruption without fear or favour. – MO