Penang Chinese schools received better funding under BN

Jan 11, 2017
Penang MCA secretary Tan Chuan Hong.
Penang MCA secretary Tan Chuan Hong.

Penang MCA secretary Tan Chuan Hong has defended the Federal government allocates a better funding to Chinese schools in the state compared to DAP’s style of allocation.

Chuan Hong pointed out that the so called ‘institutional allocation system’ introduced by DAP led Penang government is actually just a school facility maintenance allocation.

“Each school has to apply for the annual allocation and assessment has to be made to repair the school.

“There is no fixed amount of allocation, nor guaranteed fund every year.

“This type of ‘institutional allocation system’ is simply a Guan Eng-style lie. On the contrary, federal government’s allocation is a real ‘institutional allocation system’.

“There is a set of manuals and formulas that classify the schools, number of students to distribute perennial and monthly allocations in accordance with the system including co-curricular activities, libraries, and teachers’ salaries and so on,” he added.

Chuan Hong exampled the Penang state government under DAP ‘institutional allocation system’ has been controversial leading to unequal allocation among vernacular schools, the allocation disparate from its role of helping the schools has led to the problem of evaluation too far off the mark and schools are too dependent on the state government in resulting not applying for federal funding.

Recently, Prime Minister Najib Razak announced the RM 50 million special fund allocation million to Chinese primary schools and also promised to allocate funds to Chinese secondary schools, proving once again that MCA is able to resolve the Chinese schools problems quickly.

However, DAP will only play a clown on the Chinese education issue without any achievement, highlighted Chuan Hong.

Chuan Hong added Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng made a childish remark to urge federal government to borrow money from Penang government to help Chinese schools.

He added that MCA all the while have been pushing hard for Chinese school progress in the country.

During the Barisan Nasional (BN) rule, the state government also had additional allocation disbursed to the schools in need each year.

Did Guan Eng just change the name of ‘special funds’ of the former Penang state government to ‘institutional allocation system’?

Chuan Hong ponders whether Guan Eng copied the education system legacy left behind by BN state government.