PAS mouthpiece Harakah Daily describes Saifuddin’s appointment as ‘dedak’

Jan 6, 2017

Saifuddin NasutionThe appointment of Saifuddin Nasution as Penang strategic advisor is described as animal feed (dedak).

PAS mouthpiece Harakah Daily via an article claimed the animal feed is given so the individual or appointed party will be tied down.

DAP was leveraging on its leadership of the Penang government, and made the appointment as a means to achieve its ultimate objective stated in the article.

The PKR secretary-general took his oath on Wednesday and promised to further strengthen Pakatan Harapan in Penang.

It’s also stated in the article that DAP moves it’s mission strategically to tie up Saifuddin and be helpful to DAP’s interest as well as strengthen their political hold in Pakatan Harapan.