Pakatuns, Dapsters suffering from mental deficiency

 |Apr 16, 2017

Pakatuns and Dapsters are suffering from severe mental issues!

These Pakatuns and Dapsters really need professional help to help them with their severe mental deficiency.

They consider themselves free to hurl lies and abuse at the government and government leaders.

But when anyone criticises Pakatan Harapan leaders, the Pakatuns and Dapsters go berserk.

If they consider criticising the government and government leaders as part of democracy and the right of free speech, they must also respect others the right to do the same.

Why is it only their rights should be respected but others should not be allowed that same right?

The Pakatuns and Dapsters really have no idea about what democracy and the right of expression or the right of speech means.

Whenever others exercise this same right the Pakatuns and Dapsters are very rude and abusive and resort to foul language.

This shows the extreme immaturity of these Pakatuns and Dapsters, who demand democracy and rights as long as others are not granted the same.

These Pakatuns and Dapsters need to grow up and not throw tantrums whenever anyone treats them the same way they treat others.

If the fire is too hot then get out of the kitchen.

Stop using abusive language and insults against others and expect others to shut up and not say a word.

Raja Sara Petra is a MO reader and a political commentator. Raja Sara understands that every Malaysian, like the three generations of her family before her, must do their bit for Malaysia. Although she was from what can be considered as an elite family, she empathises with the difficulties most Malaysians have to endure in their daily lives.