Pakatan panicky ahead of GE14

Apr 11, 2017

It seems that DAP-led Pakatan is jumping into full-scale panic mode.

As almost on a weekly basis, the coalition puts out a new revelation, which it hopes will bring down PAS or Barisan Nasional, or both.

Not too long ago DAP-led Pakatan put out a false story that Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was going to leave the post of deputy prime minister (DPM) and join Parti Pribumi, or one of the other alphabet member, which makes up DAP-led Pakatan.

Of course, the opposition put that story out there to see if that could create suspicion in the mind of Prime Minister (PM) Najib Razak toward his deputy Zahid.

The opposition also wanted the rakyat to believe that such a preposterous story was true; that Zahid would step down from a productive position as DPM that was helping Malaysians and go to an opposition that was only seeking to help itself or in DAP-led Pakatan’s case “themselves”, in the way Muhyiddin Yassin did.

Next, with growing question of who the DAP-led opposition has as its choice for PM, the coalition put forth the name of former DPM Muhyiddin, who has become better known for receiving updates from newspapers and for planting seeds in another’s garden than for leadership!

More recently, opposition leader Lim Kit Siang has finally realised that PAS and its president Hadi Awang were not interested in reconciliation.

He also sees that with PAS and Umno finding a common interest, DAP-led Pakatan has lost an important edge in getting the Malay vote.

This is why Kit Siang’s DAP-led opposition has made an 180-degree turn; moving from the offer an olive branch to PAS to “if you can’t win them destroy them”!

The DAP-led Pakatan is trying to destroy PAS by resurrecting 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and embroiling them in some elaborate payment scheme.

The DAP-led opposition is carrying this out by rehashing an old accusation with the hope that it will weaken PAS; the very same political party that DAP-led Pakatan wanted to return to their vindictive fold.

The opposition mind set is to tie PAS to the lie, and hope that it would hurt both PAS and Umno in the swiftly approaching general election (GE14).

Now in order to justify the lies that he is spinning; Kit Siang has pulled out the patriot card and asking; “Mirror, mirror on the wall … who’s the most patriotic Malaysian of them all’.

Rounding things off; what good pre-election panic would be complete without DAP-led Pakatan offering placebos to the masses; lower tolls, zero GST.

It appears that in the run-up to GE14, the DAP-led opposition hopes that Malays were gullible enough to believe the bombardment of lies which it has been serving up to the people! – The Malaysian Observer Blog