Pakatan Harapan not going to capture Putrajaya in GE14, Kit Siang confirms

 |Apr 14, 2017
Pakatan Harapan will not capture Putrajaya in GE14, Lim Kit Siang has confirmed.

The appointment of Hishammuddin Hussein as special functions minister is a move by Prime Minister Najib Razak to consolidate his hold on power, says Lim Kit Siang.

Calling it a coup d’etat, the DAP supremo said it was done simply to protect the prime minister.

The definition of coup d’état is the sudden overthrow of a government by usually a small group of persons in or previously in positions of authority.

That is what the term coup d’état means and for two years since 2015 we have been saying that this is what they are plotting against Prime Minister Najib Razak: a coup d’état.

Today, Lim Kit Siang himself confirmed that the coup d’état does, in fact, exist.

This is more palatable for Umno diehards than teaming up with PAS, which is even thinking of a PAS-Umno federal government, with Hadi Awang as prime minister based on a PAS-Umno government with 80 PAS MPs, 40 Umno MPs and 45 MPs from Sabah and Sarawak,” Lim said, justifying his coup d’etat reference.

Now Kit Siang is beginning to talk nonsense.

Even in the best of times, PAS would be hard-pressed to win 30 seats in Parliament let alone 80 seats.

Even in 2008 and 2013, PAS won 23 and 21 seats respectively.

So where are those additional seats coming from?

Kit Siang is suggesting that the extra 50 seats will come from Umno.

Hence Umno will be reduced to just 40 seats instead of 90 or so seats, says Kit Siang. A

ctually Umno can win 100 seats because in 2004 (just before the 2008-2013 ‘Tsunami’) it won 109 seats.

I doubt PAS is stupid enough to think that Umno will hand them 50 seats so that it can end up with 80 seats from just 30 while Umno will be reduced to just 40 from 90.

Kit Siang must be delusional to even think this.

But then Kit Siang is not really delusional.

He is actually very devious.

He is hoping that by saying Umno will hand PAS 50 seats and will be reduced to just 40 seats, while PAS is going to see its seats increase from 30 to 80, that would trigger a rebellion in Umno.

Yes, Kit Siang wants to see Umno split over the ‘sell-out’ or ‘betrayal’ of handing over 50 seats to PAS free-of-charge.

Kit Siang then suggests that Abdul Hadi Awang is going to become the prime minister because PAS will have 80 seats against just 40 for Umno.

Even if PAS wins 80 seats, as Kit Siang is suggesting, that party is not part of Barisan Nasional.

The prime minister will come from Barisan Nasional and not from PAS.

The only reason the Prime Minister is from Umno is because Umno controls more than half the seats in Barisan.

Since Barisan controls more than half the seats in Parliament then Barisan becomes the prime minister and the prime minister comes from Umno.

Say Umno wins just 40 seats, as Kit Siang suggests, and PAS wins 80.

That means Barisan will be down to about 90 seats.

Now, with 90 seats for Barisan and 80 for PAS, that would mean Pakatan Harapan would have just 52 Parliament seats.

The total number of Parliament seats are just 222.

So, if Kit Siang wants to minus 50 seats from Umno and gives PAS 80 seats, that means the difference of 30 seats have to come from Pakatan Harapan.

So Pakatan will be down to just 52 seats.

So what are we going to see at breakfast time the morning after the general election?

We are going to see three aspirants and a hung parliament: Barisan 90 seats, PAS 80 seats, and Pakatan 52 seats.

So, to form the new government, one of these three scenarios has to happen:

1. Barisan forms a unity government with Pakatan: 142 seats ( the simple majority with Barisan as the prime minister).

2. Barisan forms a unity government with PAS: 170 seats ( the two-thirds majority with Barisan as the prime minister).

3. Pakatan Harapan forms a unity government with PAS: 132 seats ( the simple majority with PAS as the prime minister).

So what game is Kit Siang playing here?

Kit Siang is actually telling us that Pakatan is not going to win 125 seats in the next general election (GE14).

If Pakatan wins 125 seats and if PAS, Umno and the rest of Barisan win 170 seats, that means in total they win 295 seats when only 222 seats are being contested.

Where did the ‘phantom’ 73 seats come from?

So Kit Siang is conning us, yet again, like he has been doing so many times before.

But at least he was honest about one thing: that a coup d’état is being planned to oust Najib. – Malaysia Today

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