Pakatan facing crisis to name leader – Vell Paari

 |Nov 12, 2016


Pakatan Harapan’s(PH) inability to pick a leader to lead the Opposition pact proves that there are already cracks in the pact said MIC treasurer general S Vell Paari.

Paari said via a statement that the opposition has demonstrated that they are unreliable and untrustworthy even between themselves.

“Until this very moment they are playing politics to bring down the government for their own self benefit without thinking of the negative implication to the public.

“The whole PH convention that is being held now in Ideal Convention Centre talks about bringing down the BN government but nothing about the wellbeing of the public.

“These shows that they only care about power and not about the people of this country,” said Paari.

Paari suggested that might as well PH appoints Mahathir Mohamad as the de-facto leader of PH and in turn becomes the next Prime Minister if the opposition wins the next general election.

Looks like Mahathir is calling the shots and DAP,PKR are mere puppets, pointed out Paari.

The dilly dally by PH component parties to name the opposition leader shows they are still undecided.

However, Mahathir earlier has put forward Pribumi’s chairman Muhyiddin Yassin as the preferred candidate to be the next prime minister if PH wins the race to Putrajaya.

On a different matter, Paari commended Prime Minister Najib Razak leadership for improving Malaysia’s GDP growth for the third quarter (Q3) 2016 as announced at 4.3%.

Paari pointed out that it is a good achievement amid the low commodity prices, fluctuations in currency markets and uncertainty due to Brexit and the Trump winning the election.