Not leaving Umno, will continue to defend Najib – Ajil assemblyman

 |Aug 3, 2016



Ajil Assemblyman Ghazali Taib today brushed aside talks on him leaving Umno, saying that he is a Umno loyalist and will continue to defend party president Najib Tun Razak.

“There is no such thing (leaving Umno). I am an Umno loyalist,” he told reporters when met after the state executive council meeting here today.

On his statement criticising the state’s administration under Menteri Besar Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman which was reported in the newspapers today, Ghazali said it was intended to ensure the people felt the effectiveness of the Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) leadership in Terengganu.

“As the people’s elected representative who listens to their voice, it is my responsibility to pass on the message so that the state and its government are respected.

“The advice and criticisms are made because this is a government for the people, so the people want perfection for the best service,” he added.

Questioned whether he had no confidence in the present state leadership, Ghazali said no.

“Everybody makes mistakes and has weaknesses. We are not perfect. There are times we see things positively. If there is any wrong, we corrected it. What is good, we make it better.

“What is important is the people get to enjoy the best service that we give,” he added.

When said that his action could be perceived as him siding former Menteri Besar Ahmad Said, Ghazali said such an issue did not arise because his criticism were intended for the good of Umno.

“The question of belonging to which faction does not arise. We are Umno. We are Barisan Nasional. What is important is we want Barisan Nasional to remain strong and Umno and for BN to give the best service to the Terengganu people.

“We do not want to have people regretting for having voted for us (BN) because we don’t serve them,” he added.