No problem changing ringgit in Bangkok and Jakarta

Nov 22, 2016
Malaysian Ringgit still widely accepted in Bangkok and Jakarta.
Malaysian Ringgit still widely accepted in Bangkok and Jakarta.

Malaysians travelling to Bangkok or other parts of Thailand should not worry as the ringgit is still widely accepted, said money changer operators here.

Several operators in the capital city told Bernama they had ample supply of the currency and there was no problem exchanging it to any other currency.

“No, no problem. You want to change Malaysian ringgit into Thai Baht or any other currency, just come to our shop,” said an employee of Superrich International Exchange Co Ltd, one of Bangkok’s largest money changer operators.

Today, the company, which has 20 outlets throughout Bangkok, quoted 8.04 Baht to the ringgit.

Meanwhile, an employee of Vasu Exchange in the shopping haven of Sukhumvit Road expressed suprise when told of rumours alleging that the ringgit was not accepted by money changers in Thailand.

“Just bring us the ringgit, the good notes and not fake ones. If you bring us fake Malaysian ringgit, then of course we will reject it,” she said.

A worker at Linda Exchange also dismissed the rumours, saying he had never heard of them, and also quoted 8.04 Baht to the ringgit.

Meanwhile in Jakarta, a check by Bernama found the ringgit still being actively bought and sold by money exchange centres although it was being quoted at RM3.20 to 10,000 rupiah.

Omar Merki, the owner of OCM Money Changer, said he was buying and selling the ringgit every day as many of his customers were visiting Malaysia and still needed the ringgit.

“I have many Malaysian customers who are residing in Jakarta, and I have no problem with the ringgit, we accept it any time,” he told Bernama here today.

He said sometimes the customers would adopt a wait-and-see attitude, changing only when the value of the ringgit fell.

Aisha, owner of the Sayap Emas money changer in Tanah Abang here, said the shop had been selling rupiah and buying the ringgit almost every day, with most customers being Malaysians visiting Jakarta for shopping.

Source: Bernama