Nika Gee will get only RM20m and not RM50m

 |Aug 12, 2016

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This was what The Star reported on 21st June 2016:

‘The divorce proceeding between former deputy public prosecutor Stanley Clement Augustin and his wife Nika Gee Siew Yee has been postponed to August 16 for case management.

According to the court’s e-filing site, a notice of application by counsel to withdraw himself has been fixed for that date.

According to Augustin’s petition for divorce filed in December 2014, he and Gee – a businesswoman – were married on April 24, 2007.

He was a divorcee with three children and Gee, who was named as the respondent, was a divorcee with two children at the time.

The marriage was registered at the National Registration Department in Putrajaya, two days before Augustin retired from the Attorney-General’s Chambers as deputy public prosecutor.

In her reply, Gee said she met Augustin via a friend, Datuk Yusof Khan, around October 2002 when Augustin was in the process of divorcing his former wife.

She claimed that they had become close by the end of June 2003.

In a Statutory Declaration made on December 7, 2015, Augustin claimed they had a pre-nuptial agreement and that Gee admitted to having an ongoing affair with a prominent politician.

This very high-profile divorce case that threatens to embroil Muhyiddin Yassin in the whole thing — mainly because he is mentioned in that 7th December 2015 Statutory Declaration — is going to be heard in court in four days time.

And Muhyiddin is desperately trying to get that case buried before it can rear its ugly head.’

Musa Hitam has told Muhyiddin in no uncertain terms that he has to get this matter resolved at all cost or else his entire political career is finished.

And that would also mean Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s new Pribumi party, which Muhyiddin is heading, is going to be dead in the water.

It would be like getting bombed as you taxi on the runaway before you can take off.

Mahathir agrees with what Musa said and has told Muhyiddin to get this matter settled or else he might as well take a gun and put a bullet through his own head — because technically that is what Muhyiddin would be doing, committing suicide.

So Muhyiddin offered Nika Gee RM50 million to get this matter resolved — RM20 million if she can get Stanley to withdraw the case and another RM30 million if she can get him to retract the Statutory Declaration.

Nika Gee then went to meet Stanley’s lawyer, Kumar, and offered to drop her counter-claim against Stanley if he agrees to withdraw the case plus retract the Statutory Declaration.

The three things that Nika Gee originally wanted, for her to agree to the divorce, are: (1) the house (that Stanley’s recently deceased mother was staying in), (2) a huge monthly maintenance, and (3) legal costs.

If Stanley can agree to withdraw the divorce case plus retract the Statutory Declaration then she will also agree to waive those three claims.

Muhyiddin cannot afford for the case to be heard on Tuesday or else the Statutory Declaration would be discussed and hence his name would be mentioned.

But then dropping the case alone is not enough since the Statutory Declaration is already public knowledge.

They need Stanley to also retract the Statutory Declaration.

Stanley’s lawyer came back and told Nika Gee they are prepared to withdraw the case but not to retract the Statutory Declaration.

Nika Gee then said if Stanley was not prepared to retract the Statutory Declaration could he at least declare that the Statutory Declaration was a fake or a fabrication?

But Stanley cannot do that as well because he did sign the Statutory Declaration and there are witnesses to that.

And if he changed his story then he runs the risk of getting charged and may even have to spend a maximum of ten years in jail.

So withdraw the case yes, retract the Statutory Declaration no.

So now Nika Gee is stuck.

If Stanley just withdraws the case she will only get RM20 million.

She needs Stanley to also retract the Statutory Declaration, or at least declare it a fake, before she can get RM50 million … Read More

Source: Malaysia Today

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