News can be fake or real, verify its authenticity – Salleh Keruak

Jan 11, 2017


Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Keruak has reminded Malaysians to verify first its authenticity of any news and not to simply share, forward or retweet.

Posting on his blog, Salleh said fabricated news stories make their way on social media timelines to mislead the public, or in order for individuals to make money, when people click on a site or article.

“This makes fake news much more insidious than real news.

According to an analysis by digital media agency Buzzfeed, Salleh said hoaxes about United States politics were among the top-performing fake news stories on Facebook in 2016.

“BuzzFeed News Media Editor Craig Silverman said that 23 of the 50 top-performing fake news hoaxes found on Facebook were focused on US politics,” he highlighted.

The same sentiment was shared by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who addressed the proliferation of fake news on his Facebook page.

“In using social media and other communication platforms, we need to be responsible users, so don’t be too quick to hit the Share, Forward or RT button without verifying the piece of news.” he added.