New York Explosion  

 |Sep 18, 2016

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An explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York on Saturday night injured at least 29 people.

But no serious injuries were reported and all injured are currently stable.

The New York City police and fire department staff rushed to the place and are presently handling the situation.

Currently, the cause of the explosion is not known and the department is investigating the case.

A device was found connected to a pressure cooker with dark coloured wiring coming out of the top center of the device.

The device was found connected by silver duct tape to a small dark colored device attached to the outside of the pressure cooker, according to multiple local and federal law enforcement officials.

None of the officials would say at this point what was inside the pressure cooker.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, (centre) and NYPD chief James O'Neill (left) speaking at a press conference.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, (centre) and NYPD chief James O’Neill (left) speaking at a press conference.

NYPD Commisioner James O’Neill said police believed that the explosion took place on the street.

He said that there had been 29 injured as a result of the explosion.

The “exact nature and cause of this explosion has not yet been determined,” O’Neill said.

Street surveillance video footage on the explosion in New York showed windows shattering as terrified people duck and run on the streets.

The video, which features angles from inside and outside Orangetheory fitness in Chelsea, shows a screen on the street after the explosion, and what appeared to be papers flying in the air.

An eye witness said: “I felt a loud explosion and I felt like a lightning bolt struck the building. It shook the ground, everybody ran out of the restaurant into the street. The whole city was in the street.

“I walk down the street every day. … This is my main thoroughfare. I’m either in an Uber, a cab, or on foot on this street all the time. This is my neighborhood. This isn’t a tourist attraction. It’s just the middle of the city. It does frighten me.”

New York police department (NYPD) has warned residents on specific streets to stay away from windows while they clear the area of a suspicious package as a precautionary measure.

The area is not being evacuated.

Police have widened the perimeter of the crime scene in Chelsea following the explosion.

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The officials believed the explosion was intentional and urged anyone with information on what they saw, or anyone with pertinent photos from the scene, to come forward.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released a following statement: “State officials are coordinating our response with federal and New York City authorities, and full state resources have been made available for this investigation,” Cuomo said. “We are closely monitoring the situation and urge New Yorkers to, as always, remain calm and vigilant.”

He said the PATH station at 23rd Street is closed for previously-announced weekend closures.

“We are in close contact with health providers to monitor the extent of the injuries and will provide information as it becomes available.”

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Subway service in New York has been disrupted on the 1, 2, E and F lines following the explosion, the New York Police Department Counterterrorism Bureau says.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says early indications are that the explosion “was an intentional act.”

But de Blasio says “there is no evidence at this point of a terror connection” and there is no “credible and specific threat” to New York City.

The mayor says they also believe here is no specific connection to the earlier incident in New Jersey.

De Blasio said that he can confirm “none of those injured are likely to die.”