New leads found in businesswoman’s shooting incident in Penang

Feb 22, 2017
Penang police found new leads on the shooting of a 49-year-old businesswoman yesterday.
Penang police found new leads in the shooting of a 49-year-old businesswoman yesterday.

Police found new leads that could facilitate investigation on the shooting incident of a 49-year-old businesswoman in Georgetown, Penang yesterday.

Penang Police chief Chuah Ghee Tye said the new leads would enable police to identify the suspects but did not elaborate further.

“We cannot disclose more as the investigation is ongoing. What I can say is that the suspects committed the crime in public and with today’s technologies such as mobile phones, it really helps the police.

“We have received assistance from the public, specifically video recordings and images of the incident and I believe with this, we can identify the suspects,” Chua was reported as saying by Bernama, after the Penang police contingent headquarters monthly assembly today.

Chuah stressed out that the victim was not pregnant or linked to any triads.

“I would like to stress that based on the report by my officers, she was not pregnant.”

He urged all parties to be responsible and verify the sources of information they received before circulating them.

“Even some of the pictures, claiming to be of the deceased, were not hers,” he said.

Chuah urged anyone with information or video recordings of the incident to hand it over to them to facilitate investigations.

Meanwhile, The Star Online reported that family members of the businesswoman claimed her body at the Penang Hospital mortuary today.

In the 5.45pm incident, the victim was driving her BMW car alone when she was approached by two men on a motorcycle, after which the pillion rider fired more than 10 shots.

Six bullets hit the victim’s chest and police believe the suspects used automatic pistols based on .99m bullet casings found at the scene.