Netizens slam MMA fighter over scuffle with security guards

 |Jul 18, 2017
Facebook pic

KUALA LUMPUR: The viral video of a scuffle between several security guards and a well-built man, who is believed to be a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter at a condominium in Subang Jaya near here, has unleashed a backlash from netizens.

According to The Star Online, the posting by Discover Subang Jaya on Facebook, which recorded the fight in four short videos and two pictures, has garnered more than 6.2 million views and over 48,000 shares.

In the video, the man is seen in a heated argument with a scrawny security guard, which eventually turns into a brawl after the man flings a kick at the guard’s left shin.

The posting said the “MMA fighter” took on the guard who did not allow him to go up to the condominium.

The small-sized guard manages to grab the man’s leg and they both fall to the ground. However, the man gains the upper hand and sits on the guard.

Before he can throw a punch, two other guards intervene and grab hold of him, with one guard using a baton to hit him.

Finally, four guards manage to subdue the man on the ground, tying his hands with a rope while onlookers watch on.

According to Discover Subang Jaya, the man is a self-proclaimed MMA fighter for the past eight years.

A Facebook profile known as Darriush Kha Lili, believed to be of the man, defended his action.

“I didn’t intend to hurt anyone. I could’ve fight back easily yea, I just threw a few kicks to keep him away, then these morons just jumped me, I didn’t even fight back. I’m not dumb; I don’t want problems with the police.

“For me it’s just funny man. I admit it was my mistake. I slapped him, which I said sorry and they all did too. It was just a big misunderstanding,” he said.

Netizens slammed Darriush with Facebook user Raja Nahar Shah saying: “Way to go big man. There wasn’t a need for you to fight in the first place.

“Those ‘morons’ were not only doing their job but they were also backing up the person you kicked first. You’re the aggressor here.”

Another Facebook user, Bob Mot said: “When things don’t go your way, sometimes its better to take the high road and walk away.

“The fighting arts is meant to defend and one should uphold the code of honour and a true warrior spirit.”