Najib blasts opposition over ‘sell-off to China’ claim

Dec 18, 2016


Prime Minister Najib Razak has blasted the nonsensical opposition for accusing the federal government of selling the country’s sovereignty to China.

He said the opposition accusation was unfair as the deals signed with China, like the 620km long East Coast Rail Line (ECRL), would benefit the people.

Indeed, he is confident that the ECRL project would boost economy in Pahang, Terengganu and Pahang.

He said the success in bringing in investments from China worth RM144bil was due to the good relationship between the two countries since his late father Abdul Razak Hussein’s time as prime minister.

Like Japan, he said the investments from China would surely benefit Malaysians, creating more job and business opportunities,

“Our country’s economy will grow,” Najib, also the Pekan MP, told a dinner organised in conjunction with the 31st anniversary of Pahang Federation of Chinese Associations (Hua Zong) in Kuantan on Saturday night.