Musa Hitam not telling the whole story

 |Aug 12, 2016
Former DPM Musa Hitam.
Former DPM Musa Hitam.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam talked about the rot in Umno that started in the 1980s and about ‘the good old days’ before the time of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In short, Musa is telling us that Mahathir destroyed Umno and in the same process is destroying Malaysia.

And it was the Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj who said that the day Mahathir takes over will be the day Umno and Malaysia would be destroyed.

I am not saying that Musa Hitam is lying.

It is just that he left certain gaps in his version of history.

Whether acts of omission can be regarded as lying is a matter of opinion but for sure it would be an act of deception.

And deception is as negative as lying.

Anyway, for the ‘young ones’ whose ‘political life’ started in 2008 — or during the 2007 Bersih rally (before Anwar Ibrahim hijacked Bersih and embedded Ambiga Sreenevasan as his proxy to head the movement) — let me correct Musa’s version of history.

When Musa said what he said regarding ‘the good old days’ he was talking about the time of Tunku Abdul Rahman, Abdul Razak Hussein, Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, and Hussein Onn.

So basically we are talking about a period of 23 years from 1957 to 1980 when royalty and courtesans (orang istana) were heading Umno.

Then, in 1981, someone from the proletariat took over.

And that was when Umno began its slow slide downhill.

In fact, the Tunku had already openly and publicly warned us about this.

The Tunku said the day that Dr Mahathir takes over will be the day Umno and Malaysia are going to be destroyed.

Before Mahathir took over, as what Musa correctly related in his news item, donations to the party were paid to Umno.

And they were very strict about it plus there was full transparency and accountability.

And then, after Mahathir took over in 1981, they decided to form companies and started businesses so that Umno did not need to depend on the mainly Chinese towkay donors.

Umno’s first big business was the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) that started almost as soon as Mahathir took over as Prime Minister.

Then the North-South Highway (Plus Highway) followed not long after that.

This was also when Renong, Hatibudi, United Engineers (M), Fleet Group, and many more, were added to Umno’s stable of companies.

If you want to know more, this is all explained in the book ‘The Riddle of Malaysian Capitalism: Rent-Seekers Or Real Capitalists?’ by Peter Searle.



If you read that extract from that book (above) you can see that I have written about this many times in the past so what it says is not new and nothing that I have not also written about myself.

As you can see, the rot in Umno that Musa is talking about started in the 1980s after Mahathir took over.

Before that, said Musa, Umno was honest, transparent and accountable.

But then Musa stopped there.

He did not continue his story to 1988.

If he did then he would have said that the rot got worse when Mahathir decided in 1988 to no longer hold the party’s assets, businesses and investments in the name of the party but to use proxies and nominees as fronts.

And that is when Umno became a moneymaking machine.

And what Musa also failed to mention is that Umno’s assets, businesses and investments are estimated to be in the region of RM100-200 billion but no one can tell us where it all is.

And what Musa also did not tell us is that Mahathir refused to hand back some of that money to finance the 2013 general election so Prime Minister Najib Razak was forced to seek the money elsewhere, such as obtain donations from the Middle East.

And this is why Mahathir is so angry about that donation from the Middle East.

Mahathir thought that he had Najib’s balls in his hands.

But Najib just ignored Mahathir (which Mahathir admitted when he grumbled that Najib ignored him for six months) and went elsewhere for funding.

Musa recalls time when Umno was strict with donations.

Musa Hitam recalls the integrity of former Deputy Prime Minister Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, and former Prime Minister Hussein Onn, in managing contributions to Umno … Read More

Source: Malaysia Today

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