MIC: Indian youths the main target in Ops Cantas 2?

 |Aug 5, 2016
Sivaraajh claims police had been targeting Indian youths under Ops Cantas 2.
Sivaraajh claims police had been targeting Indian youths under Ops Cantas 2.

MIC Youth leader C Sivarraajh claims that the police had aimed Indian youths as their main target under Ops Cantas 2.

When contacted by MO to clarify, Sivarraajh said a leaked document looked like to be an internal memo within the police force calling for Ops Cantas 2 meeting was widely circulated in social media.

“If this document is true then it is very unjust, unfair and very upsetting. It is an unfair action against Indian youths who have been linked to crime and are widely labelled as criminals.

“It is just like in the US in recent months where police shot dead African American youths, causing widespread protest.

“Criminals and gangster comprises of all ethnic groups and origins. There are Malay, Chinese, Indian and east Malaysian gangsters,” he said.

He emphasised that crime was a Malaysian problem and cannot be isolated to one minority group.

“Police operation should target all the criminals without discrimination. Is there a need to classify them by race?

“I hope this document is false and police will come out to clarify its authenticity.

“Police are only hitting Indians and this is clearly racial profiling which should not be the way.

“We strongly support police action to go after gangsters but the question here why police are only targeting Indian spots and Indians youths,” he added.

MIC Youth protests in the strongest term possible to only target Indian youths in the special crack down stipulated in the leaked document.

In the leaked document its stated Indian youths in parking places, Indian gangs, shady Indian businesses and Indian money lenders and gambling outlets are targeted in this operation.

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Since the start of this year, rampant shootings have increased in number and became a public anxiety.

Former Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan has strongly called on the police force to re-introduce Ops Cantas 2.

Even Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has called for the crackdown to be started again to put a stop on the increasing number of shooting cases in the country.

However, IGP Khalid Abu Bakar recently said Ops Cantas had never ceased its operations and it will continue.

So far over 500 people have been arrested under Prevention of Crime Act 1959 this year.