Merdeka means equality, justice and freedom

Aug 30, 2016
Hindraf calls for an end to all race-based policie and laws in Malaysia.
Hindraf calls for an end to all race-based policie and laws in Malaysia.

Hindraf calls on the government to dismantle all race-based policies and forge the unity of the country and its people under the pure principles of equality, justice and freedom.

True meaning of independence was to guarantee freedom of thought, expression and association, the right to life and liberty, and various other fundamental rights as entrenched in the Federal Constitution.

Merdeka is meant to be a celebration of freedom from the clutches of oppressing colonialist.

However, it would be meaningless if Malaysians are continued to be ruled under the same laws of colonial era.

Colonial rulers used repressive laws to curtail the freedom of the people, and the current Umno-led federal government appears to be holding on to those repressive laws from the Independence Day in 1957 to date.

Fundamental rights have been denied to all citizens.

Freedom of speech is curtailed and only those in favorable light of the government are allowed to speak as they wish whilst critics are slapped with charges of sedition.

Legitimate freedom to assemble is curtailed with stringent unconstitutional laws passed under Acts of Parliament which has diluted the role of the constitution and blatantly disregard the core fundamental rights and liberty protected in the constitution.

Hindraf does not have the slightest doubt that the federal government from the time of independence has systematically amended the constitution and entrenched its powers whilst ensuring other organs of a democratic nation that were supposed to provide the check and balance loses their independence and subjecting various commissions to be made redundant.

Malaysians on the whole feel oppressed by the ruling government.

The majority urban and semi urban people are not happy with the state of affairs of the country.

Calls for transparency and openness are met with the brutal force of the law and intimidation from the very officers in blue uniform, who instead of protecting the rights of the citizens are siding with the ruling elites and condoning abuse of powers.

Democratic process to replace morally reprehensible legislators is also made impossible by the ruling elites’ gerrymandering.

After 59 years of independence, Malaysians are confused as how to identify themselves.

When they represent the country in international events and sports they are Malaysians.

The whole country rejoice  when our sportsmen and sportswomen achieve international acclamation  but as soon as he and she steps into the country, he and she is immediately segregated and distinguished as a Chinese, Indian, Kadazan etc.

How long more would Malaysia or policies created would be amenable to accept all citizens irrespective of color, race or creed as one Malaysian race.

Malaysian ruling party has to learn from countries like America and India to understand what patriotism means.

Perhaps the ruling party thrives and remains in power indefinitely by dividing the community and creating a false fear of losing their rights should the principles of equality be applied to all Malaysians.

So long as there is discrimination based on race and religion and oppression of the weaker community Merdeka would be meaningless to many Malaysians.

Waytha Moorthy
National Chairman