MCA still relevant and understands Chinese community sentiments – Liow

Jan 9, 2017
Pix credit- Facebook Liow Tiong Lai.
Pix credit- Facebook Liow Tiong Lai.

MCA President Liow Tiong Lai has cautioned the Chinese not to vote out MCA in the general election as the party is still relevant and understands the community’s sentiments, The Star Online reported.

If the Chinese did not support MCA, it meant they were voting themselves out of the Government, said the MCA president at a press conference after attending a day-long engagement programme with English-speaking MCA members.

“When we (MCA) are in the Government, we will be able to deliver. Vote yourself into the Government, don’t vote yourself out.

“Vote MCA into the Government; use the government machinery to help you resolve your problems to deliver success for Malaysia,” said Liow.

He added that MCA knew what the community wanted and the party would ensure there was continuous stability and development in Malaysia.

“MCA is still very relevant as it works hand-in-hand with Umno and MIC for Malaysia. If we want a peaceful Malaysia, we need parties representing different races to work together,” he said.

For the community, Liow said MCA had made concrete contributions.

He cited the building of the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia Bhd as examples.

He reiterated that MCA, being an inclusive and forward-looking party, had a multi-racial approach to politics to engage not just the Chinese, but also Malays, Indians and other races.

“Being part of Barisan Nasional makes us less chauvinistic and more inclusive. We are very proud that this is the formula of Barisan’s success for our people to live in harmony and peace.

“In the future, we want to continue to practise moderation and ensure Malaysia enjoys harmony and prosperity,” he said.

In response to reporters’ questions, Liow said MCA had identified its weaknesses after the last election and strived for self-improvement and revitalisation.

“We have been able to make structural changes and go through a self-cleansing process, which is crucial.

“We are ready to move forward and inspire the Chinese community and rakyat that a revamped MCA is a strong MCA,” he said.